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Finca Hunbatz

Green and Ethical

Among the classic mayas the howler monkey god was a major deity of the art, music and a patron of the artisans, especially of the scribes and sculptors.

According to the sixteenth century Popol Vuh creation myth,there were once two brothers, Hunbatz and Hunchouen, who were talented dancers and artists. By nature these two sons were very wise, and great was their wisdom. All the arts were taught to Hunbatz and Hunchouén, the sons of Hun-Hunahpú. They were flautists, singers, shooters with blowguns, painters, sculptors, jewelers, silversmiths. 

They climbed a tree, it grew up so tall that Hunbatz and Hunchouen could not get down. As they struggled in the branches their loin cloths came loose and turned into tails; they both became monkeys, one a spider monkey, the other a howler monkey. 

Caribbean Goods team up with Finca Hunbatz in this noble mission: Saving the world one tree at a time. The idea is straightforward: Caribbean Goods will plant a tree in Guatemala for every bag of Finca Hunbatz purchased! Each tree will be traced and tracked; therefore, there will be full traceability between the coffee roasters and Caribbean Goods. Who knows, if you acquire several bags of Hunbatz, you can be a proud sponsor of a small forest in Guatemala! It felt very natural to Javier and Caribbean Goods to team up with such a great initiative.


Fun fact, Javier planted his first tree when he was eighteen years old! Now that tree is planted in the backyard at his parent's house next to twenty coffee trees! (His tree may be around twenty-five meters tall now! Ask Javier to show you the pictures!)

And this is what we did in 2020!

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Km 22.1 Carretera al Salvador Eco Plaza (Guatemala)


272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4JR


GT: (+502) 41756946

UK (+44) 7413981290

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