Finca Hunbatz

"Hun Batz and Hun Chouen are in the tree when it miraculously starts to grow higher and higher and the boys are transformed into forest monkeys. They become the Monkey Gods, patrons of music and the arts." - Popol Vuh. 

Finca Hunbatz, is a tribute to the gods of music and the arts. 

Every time you buy a bag of Finca Hunbatz we plant a tree in Guatemala to support the forestation of the planet.


Green Agriculture

In simple words, green agriculture is growing food using farming techniques that protect the planet and the people who live on it. The idea is to produce healthy food without depleting natural resources, including land, air and water.

You can find some of our suppliers who are using some unique farming techniques to generate incredible, but mainly sustainable, agricultural goods.



Km 22.1 Carretera al Salvador Eco Plaza (Guatemala)


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