At Finca Rabanales every stone, every tree and every coffee plant tells a story about the people who have lived in this farm and worked on its fields. Walking across the plantation is like taking a trip across history, where you can see coffee plants that go all the way back to the 19th Century when Don Gregorio Zamora began working on the land. In 1884, Don Gregorio, a successful entrepreneur and hardworking farmer, bought the land located in the Plateau of Fraijanes, Guatemala.


He had a profound passion for agriculture and owned multiple farms, but since the first time he visited the land of what now is Rabanales, he knew that it was very special and fell in love with it immediately. He envisioned there a high-quality and sustainable coffee plantation, so he carefully chose the best areas, in the higher parts of the farm, and began planting the first coffee trees himself. Some of these coffee trees still exist and allow us to enjoy a cup of the same coffee that Don Gregorio did more than 130 years ago.