Javier Gutiérrez Abril grew up in Guatemala city. Since very young, he witnesses poverty, extreme violence and the lack of opportunities a poor education led. He worked in several movements that promoted a better world, such as Techo para mi pais and Soñar Despierto. Throughout his bachelor degree, he supported orphan children at Casa Bernabé, aiding with basic household chores three times a week. The life that Javier experienced led him to decide to become an activist for a better world. He believes that the key to a successful future is education, and he understands the importance of a sustainable world. That is why he focuses his time and resources to fight for everyone to receive education and to work towards a greener world

"Everything you do with love and passion eventually works out"

A greener world

Reforesting damaged areas of the world by donating a tree for every bag purchased, planted hundreds of trees in the Scottish highlands and working with sustainable farms that utilise 90% less water are some of the actions we have taken towards a greener and more sustainable world.  

The Vault

What about taking an introductory course for sourcing, exporting and importing speciality coffee? Or listening to a Spanish/English speaking podcast for international entrepreneurship? We believe in education and the positive impact it has on the future of our society! 

Brave Deeds

Bravery is feeling fear and taking action because we know something else is more important than us. We believe in the dramatic impact a good deed cause on our society. We call this type of deeds brave deeds. It is of daring people to take action in a world where most are silent. Here you can find some brave deeds we took to achieve a better world.


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